The fourth week in prague was filled with work, work, and more work. We finished our campaigns for TUC Cracker on wednesday and presented them to DraftFCB and the client. Columbia students pretty much killed it and my team, myself and 3 other amazing students, won the much appreciated title of best campaign (and bragging rights). I loved everyone on my team and I loved working with Draft, what a great experience. 

The weekend before our presentations, the whole group went to a town about two and half hours outside of prague called Cesky Krumlov for a day trip. It was yet another gorgeous town in the Czech Republic. The whole town is situated around a river that goes in a circle around the town. We got to explore and see some great sights that you can’t get anywhere else but there. Loved it (but hated the bus ride there and back which included massive flies dropping from the vents on to my seat…just lovely). 

I don’t ever want to leave Europe….weekend trip number 2 coming up…get ready.

Praha, home sweet home.

Vienna, Austria 
June 6th-9th

Me and 8 other people in the group were more than ready to get out of the rain and booked train tickets and a hostel for Vienna, Austria for the weekend! The train had private 6 person rooms like the train carts do in the harry potter movies which made the 5 hour ride pretty enjoyable. The 6 girls stayed in a 6 person room and the 3 guys stayed in a 4 person, leaving 1 bed all 3 nights for some new people to join us. The weather was perfect, no rain at all. Don’t get me wrong, i love Prague…but Vienna was pretty damn awesome (minus the euro because now i’m broke).  

In Vienna we:
-had too much to drink on the train ride there 
-met a creepy guy named felix who turned out to be gay
-met an asian named tony who was also gay but the best person alive  
-went to a beach bar
-went to a street festival on the canal 
-watched the Vienna vs. Sweden soccer game at an outdoor bar 
-went to amazing clubs at night 
-did the hop on hop off tour bus 
-met a guy named ed from whales who was extremely blunt  
-got stuck in a elevator 
-ate gross turkish bakery items at 4 AM 
-physically and mentally died on the train ride home (not really but it was a train ride from hell) 

It starting pouring down rain in Prague just as we stepped outside of the station…yep, we were back. 

Anyway, I can’t describe how great that weekend was, and how great this whole trip is already. We are half way done and I don’t want it to end! I’ve seen so many great things and had the best experiences and i know they’re will be much more to come. 

Day 18 - June 10th

I’ve got some catching up to do…

The last time I wrote was the 28th and some great things have happened since then. 

Picking up where I left off, we finished out our second week with presenting our projects to the non-profit foundation. It went so well and the founder and marketing director were blown out of the water by how creative and innovative us American’s are (crazy, huh?) We went out for dinner and drinks on friday with the whole group to celebrate a job well done and it was great. 

Saturday the whole group took a planned day trip to a village outside of Prague called Kutna Hora. It’s a small but gorgeous place that had a bone memorial church, a giant and beautiful cathedral, and very interesting food…oh and it was raining the whole time we were there. but nonetheless, it was still an experience that i’m glad we took. 

The next week we started our projects with DraftFCB, the advertising agency that teams up with Columbia College Chicago for this purpose. We went there a couple times throughout the week and got briefings on the product we’re marketing and case studies on the brand. We’re real professionals now! 

On monday of that week it was two girls on the trip’s birthday’s, so needless to say, we went all out. We got special blue pineapple shots made for us and ended the night (or should I say morning) at Burrito Loco…best and worst idea ever. 

One night me and two girls adventured over the bridge and up a million stairs (pretty sure i died while walking up them) to a beautiful restaurant that overlooks the whole city. We went there just before sunset and got wine and desert and at that moment, i couldn’t have been happier. Prague is so gorgeous. 

I caved one day and had to get me some ‘merican food. Good ol’ burger and fries at a restaurant named after James Dean. It’s a cute diner-ish place that turns into an awesome club at night. Probably one of my favorite places to go out in prague. 

Also, since i last wrote, Prague flooded! At it’s worst by where we are staying, the city had to close the Charles Bridge, evacuate the zoo, close down a lot of public transportation, and place a shit load of sandbags along the river. It didn’t get bad by us, but there were places in northern Prague that were 11 meters underwater. One of the Czech students that was in our group for the non-profit project said that his house was flooded up to his attic. Some serious flooding…